Beech Elementary

5th Grade Biz Town

BizTown is a program created by Junior Achievement to teach fifth grade students about economics and finance.  Students spend about six weeks involved with daily lessons and  hands-on activities encompassing important elements of work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, giving them a solid foundation of business, economics, and free enterprise education.  The program follows Tennessee State Standards for fifth grade in social studies, reading, and math.  Throughout the program, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to learn about key economic concepts as they explore and enhance their understanding of free enterprise.   Prior to going to BizTown the students  will experience a job interview and will be hired into a position in one of the businesses.  They will also have elected a mayor for the city.  The BizTown program culminates with a two day visit to the J.A. BizTown facility in Nashville.  The facility is set up like a small town with fourteen different businesses including a bank, post office, radio station, retail stores, health center, and restaurant.   Businesses start out with a BizTown bank loan that the students apply for when they arrive.  Sales during the two days are applied to loan repayment.  The business's goal is to pay off their loan and earn a profit.  When they arrive at BizTown, students will go to their jobs, work, and have breaks like a real business.  They earn paychecks and deposit those checks into the bank.  As they shop during their breaks, they write checks to pay for their purchases and keep a record of them in their check register.  BizTown offers the students a hands-on experience of the adult world that is not available anywhere else.

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